Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sharp SuperSteam Microwave Oven

Sharp SuperSteam Microwave Oven Reviews, Buy Now Digital Combination Microwave Oven with Quartz Grill. Please Check Here : First off this is a VERY attractive appliance. The picture on the website does not do it justice, as weird as that may seem. It is substancial, well built, and looks and feels like something from a professional kitchen. Even though the measurements are documented, the oven just seems bigger. Personally, I think it's too big for a counter and would be best mounted into a unit. There could be some problems with mounting because you absolutely DO need the recommended space above, behind and to the sides - you can't get away with putting it up against anything if you plan on using the steam feature. Good things: The convention over works exactly as it should - I made a cake and it came out super-fluffy and perfectly cooked in and out, and very moist. Also made a sandwich and the bread was nice and crispy and the tomatoes inside were perfectly cooked.

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