Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daewoo Microwave Oven Reviews

Buy Daewoo KOR6L0B 0.7 Cu. Ft. 600 Watt Compact Microwave. Please Check Here : .7 cu.ft Microwave oven Microwave power output : 600W only 10 power levels for microwave Accurate 59min 90sec cooking timer One touch cooking of 3 menu Pros - it's cute, it works, the door is cooperative, the price is right - so far I'm very happy. Cons - it's small (but really now, you should be able to tell that by the 0.7 Cubic feet) and it's low power so it takes longer - which is why I bought it. After my last Microwave - one of those industrial strength giants kept flipping the circuit breaker in my old building, and I got some angry comments from my super, I bought the lowest watt microthingy I could find, and so far - no blown circuits - so I'm happy, even if it does take 50% longer to cook stuff. And for what this costs - I'm very happy. Other cons are any plates of any real size don't fit and the glass is hard to see through so it's hard to tell when things are starting to boil - but pros (no blown circuits) far outweigh the cons and the price is literally 1/7th of what I paid for my last microwave.

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