Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TomTom START 55TM 5-Inch GPS Navigator Review

TomTom START 55 5-Inch GPS Navigator with Roadside Assistance Best Price Review For Details Click Here : http://doorshopping.info/detail/B007M4Z7GO.html

Reviews : I have just returned from a trip of 1500 miles roundtrip, and for 3 of the 4 days I used Tom Tom it was absolutely great! I love it! Here is the warning: on the last leg of my return trip today, the unit would/could not find GPS satellites! I tried everything, but no luck. Fortunately I knew the route to take on this leg of my journey, but I was still miffed! Got home, determined to pack it up and send it back to Amazon, when I noticed the advice on the box to call support or go online for help before returning the unit. I went online, and lo and behold, there was a notice that a GPS upgrade was needed! This was disconcerting, happening as it did in the middle of a trip, and I didn't see any notice that this might happen, either in the box poster for using the unit or online in the manual(I had my iPad on the trip and stopped at a rest area and looked up the manual; even if I had stumbled on the explanation, I could not have downloaded the update through the iPad). So be advised if this happens to you! Make sure to take the sync cord so that you can use a computer to upgrade.

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